Our Performers

We will introduce (some) performers who have been registered for coming along with Sanshin Patto Kuru.

  • 三線奏者・杉田園(Sono Sugita)
  • 杉田園
    (Sono Sugita)

    Ryukyu folk song music association sponsored folk song contest grand prize.
    Ryukyu Folk Music Association Teacher.
    Yaeyama Uta Daiseikai teacher.
  • 三線奏者・当山賢理(Yoshimasa Touyama)
  • 当山賢理
    (Yoshimasa Touyama)

    Ryukyus Music Association teacher license.
    Ryukyus Music Association teacher license.
  • 三線奏者
  • 三線奏者
  • 三線奏者
  • 三線奏者

Although there is no name or photograph on the relation of the school affiliation etc., at our company, only the professional who is performing at the fee is set as the examination standard of the registration.

To apply for playing, thank you from the following.

Sanshin Patto Kuru Reservation